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The core values of the Barents Observer are freedom of speech and support for democracy. By providing independent news and opinions across the borders of the Arctic and the Barents Region, we serve local societies, support regional development and promote international cooperation.

Freedom to Write

Since our establishment in 2002, we have published many thousand news stories about life in the Barents Region and Arctic. Everything has been published in both English and Russian. We continue to provide news in Russian, despite the blocking of our website by Russian authorities. We do it because we believe in the freedom to write, to publish and to read irrespectively of one's place of living. We fight draconian censorship rules introduced by the Kremlin and constantly seek to provide independent and fact-based information across the borders of the North.


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From our location in Kirkenes, the Norwegian border town, we have a close view to developments in the Barents region. From day to day, we follow the situation, including the implications of Russia's war against Ukraine on international affairs, businesses, trade, civil society, energy and economic development.

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The Barents Observer is an independent and journalist-owned newspaper that depends on support from its readers. We have no payment walls and all our information is open and available.

Help us strengthen our cross-border journalism. Help us break through censorship walls and reach audiences in both East and West, on all sides of borders. 


You can donate by using the payment system below. You can also support us by Paypal, as well as by donation to our Norwegian bank account 4750 39 56337 (Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, SWIFT: SNOWNO22, IBAN: NO1547503956337). Norwegians can also support us via Vipps: 105792


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